The main thing you need to know about being blessed of God is that you are blessed through the cross of Christ. He who was so very rich became so very poor so that by his poverty we might become rich and abundantly supplied (2Cor8:9). I believe that the cross of Christ broke the curse of poverty. Therefore we are already blessed in Christ by faith with the believing Abraham, and not on the grounds of our works before God. Believe in the cross and you will prosper.

I also believe in giving and faith action. The Word says that those who sow sparingly will reap sparingly, and those who sow generously that blessings may come to others will also reap generously and with blessings (2Cor9:7). I believe the Word of God was given for instruction. Therefore I also believe in tithing according to Hebrews 7.

Now what you need to understand is this: Faith is always active, and its works are voluntary. God moves us by joy and desires of the Spirit. The flesh is always passive and its works are forced by the law. If you are forced to give or tithe, you are not operating in faith, and there will be no fruit, even through years of faithfulness. If you are moved by the Holy Spirit to give or tithe, by His love moving in you, you are moving in the blessing of God. In obedience to His promptings you will always prosper. The Lord is My Shepherd, I shall not lack (Ps23:1). It is therefore about relationship and moving out of relationship with God. We live in obedience to the Spirit in the newness of life, and not in obedience under the old code of written regulations (Rom7:6).

God wants to bless us. In order for Him to bless us, we need to trust Him, and not what is in our hand. God is moved by faith, not by need. God is moved by faith, not by manipulation. God delights in people who give cheerfully, who does not hold a selfish and grudging attitude. God delights in those who trust Him over the circumstances.


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